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For more than a year, the Rev. Dr. Oscar P. Grant heard the voice of God whispering His basic teachings and compelling him to minister through the written word. Grant complied, and the result is Remind Them Who “I Am,” a personal testimony received from on high.

A public revelation of a private mandate, this collection of writings serves to remind humanity just how far they have moved away from God. It encourages Christians to remember and follow God and His Word through daily prayer and Bible study. Based on Scriptures, Remind Them Who “I Am” examines today’s social and spiritual condition and issues such as power, greed, separation from God, war, judgment and sin. It then provides solutions based on the fundamental biblical principles of love, faith, forgiveness, and justice.

Grant delivers an acute reminder of who God is and what He wants from His people—to acknowledge him and pray for support.


remind them who I am by rev dr oscar p grant


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