About The Author

Rev. Dr. Oscar
Paul Grant, Jr.

Rev. Dr. Oscar Paul Grant, Jr., has led a thousand lives – playwright, disc jockey, public speaker, government consultant, trainer, mediator, musician, counselor, psychologist, organizational developer and expert in gun violence prevention, gang meditation and helping troubled youth find long-term employment youth.

However, the role that has become most prominent in his life is that of Minister. From his earliest days as a street hustler on the South Side of Chicago (hustling stage plays, that is), he has had a love and a longing for the Lord. His love of Jesus Christ goes back to his Catholic roots planted by his mother Delores. Although he heard the call to ministry early in life, he ignored it many times, running instead to drinking alcohol and abusing chemical substances, even in the midst of a brilliant, multi-faceted career characterized mainly by his extraordinary natural ability to communicate via the written and spoken word. Whether counseling others at risk youth or crafting stories for the stage, Grant is, at his core, a messenger of good news and good will.

Eventually, after expanding his spiritual interests and awareness to include metaphysical studies and religious science, he answered the call to ministry, receiving Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling Psychology and more recently a Ph.D. in Philosophy.

Despite his extensive pedigree in metaphysical and religious science, he clings to his Christian roots, deftly blending threads from each to weave powerful, inspired messages and sermons ministering to hundreds of thousands. It is in his role of Messenger sent by God that he has written the book “Remind Them Who I Am.” It is a public revelation of a private mandate he has received from on High. This time, instead of ignoring the call, he has received it and is delivering the message to all who believe.

Little Black Alice of Popadubop has its roots from African American at-risk youth from the south and west sides of Chicago. Toured throughout the State of Illinois, State of Indiana, for over three years – the story of Little Black Alice was written to be a journey of self-discovery for not only little black girls but for all children. The Off-Off Broadway production in New York was sold out after the first performance, why? – because of its message of hope. Please enjoy and check out more of the story on LITTLEBLACKALICE.COM