A Message From
Little Black Alice

Lessons Learned

1. Never speak to strangers

2. Never get in a car with a stranger

3. Never accept candy or food from a stranger

4. Never keep a secret from mommy, daddy, aunts, uncles or people that your parents or grandparents tell you that it’s okay to trust.

5. Never accept money from a stranger

6. Never get on the internet and give information about where you live, your phone number, your address or what time your mommy and daddy get home. Always tell mommy and daddy if someone ask you for that information

About The Character

Little Black Alice of Popadubop

Little Black Alice is the story of a young teenager who wishes her skin color were different because she was bullied by other dancers. Little Black Alice felt friendless and alone. She travels to the Land of Manego (the Land of Colors), where she meets Evilida, the bad witch of Manego who gives her the opportunity to have her wishes fulfilled. However, as this magical and fantastic story unfolds, Little Black Alice learns about embracing the power within herself. Little Alice realizes that it’s great to be her authentic self and that she is really beautiful and worthy of friendship. The universal life lessons learned through the story promote positive images of all the youth.